UAFT Central Organizing Committee

The COC is the central body which takes care of all organizing matters. These folks are all unpaid volunteers whose job it is to help steer groups of technicians through the legally tricky waters of union organizing.

Your federally protected right to join and support a union!

Is protected by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) also called the Wagner Act. This law was passed in the early 1930s to protect Union members from discrimination in the work place. This was the first discrimination law in the United States, and failed court battles attempting to defeat it helped establish the government's right to pass other laws preventing discrimination in the work place, such as Civil Rights, Sex, Age, and Sexual Preference discrimination and harassment laws.

Unfair Labor Practices: are infringements of your rights under the NLRA and punishments on employers can include job reinstatement and the payment of back wages and interest. The legal representation for such charges is provided by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and is provided to victims at no cost. The UAFT has successfully won both reinstatements and back wage settlements for organizers on Union campaigns. Justice under the law is slow and you must know the rules, if you commit a union unfair labor practice or give the employer grounds to fire you the law won't help you. So, educate yourself before you take the plunge-join a local or regional committee and the UAFT can help you learn the ropes!

Establishing a Regional or Local Chapter of the Committee

These committees come and go as the need arises, or as groups express the need in a local area. Members serve as volunteers and learn about grass-roots organizing and political action. The COC can help get you started in your local area.  Work with techs in your area to improve the conditions of archaeological technicians. How large a region you want to organize depends on how much free time you have. Activism is the best way to get things started locally, and is a protected right under the NLRA. Contact us now if you want to help spearhead the 2003 organizing drive.

Early to bed, Early to rise, Fight like Hell and Organize!

Support from the Central Committee

Presently the COC will help you form a local group and aid you in being chartered by the UAFT governing board to give you stronger protection under the NLRA and to prove you are part of a real (certified labor union) This is one of the first attacks on your rights by union-busting companies. Also the COC will help in getting paper work together and can send out copies of your rights and book titles to help you out. Additionally the COC can put you in touch with other local Unions to help support your fight.

Action Ideas

Talk is cheap!!! This is a list of things you can do which take only a few minutes of your time. They may seem insignificant but as hundreds of people take small actions like these every week, this will have a significant cumulative affect on the CRM industry.

* talk to your friends about forming a local union

* print info from this site and pass it around

* turn in a prevailing wage violation for a federal project you know about

* write a letter. sample letters

* send us more ideas



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