UAFT Committee for Prevailing Wage Compliance (CPWC)

Submit a Prevailing Wage Violation

Now that you understand about prevailing wage violations , it's time to take action.

Do It Yourself...

If you do it yourself you will gain knowledge of the federal contracting process that will help you if you stay in archaeology and end up writing contracts yourself one day. In any case, it's fascinating to see the trail of paperwork that public archaeology generates, which as techs, we are encouraged to ignore.
The disadvantages are that you need to use your real name with FOIA requests and the DoL, and you need a postal address or forwarding service that is good for at least a few years. Postage and printing will cost you a few bucks.
You are cordially invited to become an investigator for the CPWC, to volunteer your time to improve the quality and working conditions in archaeology, and maybe get some backwages out of it.

Go for it!

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